Friday, December 30, 2011

Robotics based projects

  1. Bomb displacing Robot with tension controlled soft catching arm: A moving robot controlled wirelessly to reach the suspected bomb site to relocate the bomb at different place while handling the same carefully by a soft catching arm duly controlled by interrupt monitored motor to avoid extra pressure on the suspected object for safety reasons.
  2. Bomb-diffusing Robot by RF controlled, laser beam managed hand held unit: In this RF remote control is used to control a robot. A laser beam is actuated after the robot reaches the suspected site on to the object to diffuse the bomb, remotely.
  3. Cell phone operated robotic vehicle: Robotic vehicle that can be operated from any where using cell phone sent commands. Once the contact is established over dialing the cell phone mounted on the robotic vehicle it accepts the tone commands thereafter for the operation of the vehicle.
  4. War field land Rover that alerts on sensing planted Land Mine ahead: Wirelessly controlled land rover mounted with metal detecting sensors to generate alarms on sensing planted land mine. The movement is wirelessly controlled by a hand held RF transmitter to send commands to the RF receiver mounted on the land rover.
  5. Wireless operated Fire extinguisher vehicles with water jet spray: Fire extinguishing vehicle loaded with water tanker and pump controlled remotely over wireless to throw water jet to the fire. The movement and the pump control are wirelessly controlled by a hand held RF transmitter to send commands to the RF receiver mounted on the fire extinguisher vehicle.
  6. Auto metro train to shuttle between stations: A robotic train with sensors for limiting the number of passengers entering the train by auto door management with auto start and stop run feature from origin to the destination to & fro.
  7. Touch screen based remote controlled robotic vehicle for stores management: Hand held touch screen based remote control which transmits RF signal that is received by a robotic vehicle with 3D catching arm to carry out material movement at industries.
  8. Laser beam guided robotic vehicle: A set of sensors mounted on a moving vehicle that automatically adjusts its path following a hand held guided laser beam .
  9. War field sage robot that alerts on sensing planted land mine ahead: Remotely controlled robot using RF mode with encoder and decoder duly interfaced to a pair of microcontrollers for movement and metal detection by a metal detector (land mine detector) being actuated after the robot reaches the suspected site.
  10. A land rover remotely controlled by hand held IR transmitter: It is a Robot that can move through any path by IR control and while it senses the infrared signals from a handheld TV remote. The receiver is interfaced to a microcontroller to drive motors for its movement.
  11. IR controlled sage robot: Land rover robot that moves by hand held TV remote infrared based ,being driven by a set of 2 motors duly interfaced through motor driver IC.
  12. Line following robotic Vehicle that does not require any microcontroller interface or program: An array of two pair of photo sensors comprising IR transmitter and photo diode fitted in the car to detect a black path as well as any turns in the path. The motors are able to turn the steering left or right, depending on what logic signal the sensor sends.
  13. Cell phone operated sage robot: Digit commands from one cell phone sent to another cell phone mounted on the robot to receive the DTMF (Dual Tone Multi Frequency) mode commands to feed to a microcontroller, to operate 2nos DC motors through motor driver IC for any direction movement.
  14. War field spying Robot with night vision wireless camera: A RF based moving vehicle mounted with wireless night vision camera controlled remotely over wireless to send real time pictures of enemy activities in war field. The movement is wirelessly controlled by a hand held RF transmitter to send commands to the RF receiver mounted on the moving vehicle.
  15. Line following robotic Vehicle using microcontroller interface: Using IR reflected light falling on photodiodes form as input to IO parts of MC to drive a robotic vehicle motor through motor driver IC in a specified black path by reflection from the white surface and then by disabling any one motor in the event of reflection being stopped while going away from the black path to take turn till the reflection resumes.
  16. Obstacle avoidance robot: Ultrasonic sensor based robotic vehicle that avoids any obstacle and changes its direction as required.

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