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Communication based projects

Communication based projects
RF/XBEE/Networking/Data Acquisition/Smart Card

1) SCADA ( Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition for remote industrial plant operation: Supervisor sitting on the PC terminal is able to control plant parameters remotely over RS 232 network while monitoring the data acquired through several sensors. The project uses a front end for the control and a backend with microcontroller interfaced to an ADC from temperature sensors for data collection and control.

2) Synchronized traffic junction signaling (Get green signal all-through at any street junction)-A new concept to ease traffic congestion in metros: All the traffic junctions in a main road are synchronized for signal lighting such that the vehicle gets green signal at all the junctions while moving at a normal speed.

3) Modern home automation system using intelligent touch screen: A touch screen based transmitting unit is used to manage home lighting system remotely with RF receiver to avoid complicated wiring in existing buildings.

4) WIRELESS POWER TRANSFER: The project is to develop a system of wireless power transfer for pace makers battery charging (A battery operated electronic device implanted in body that works in place of a defective heart valve) .Otherwise the patient is required to be operated every year to replace the battery.

5) TOUCH SCREEN BASED INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION: Touch screen panel managed industrial automation system( or home ) for industrial load control in corrosive / inflammable environment that prohibits use of conventional switches.

6) SPEED SYNCHRONIZATION OF MULTIPLE MOTORS IN TEXTILE MILLS: Multiple motors used in textile industry, or any other for cloth drawing needs to be synchronized for same speed which is achieved by independent micro controllers for each motor with speed sensing and keypad speed entry for 3 motors supplied to run at same speed .

7) MODERN OFFICE MANAGEMENT TOOL FOR SELECTIVE DATA TRANSMISSION TO MULTIPLE USERS: Extremely useful PC based RF communication system in a office from the boss to the subordinates having small LCD display terminals duly interfaced from independent micro controllers to receive message on selective / common to all basis with message receive tone alert.

8) PC CONTROLLED SCROLLING MESSAGE DISPLAY FOR COLLEGE NOTICE BOARD: Message sent from the PC is transmitted to the notice board over cable ,goes on scrolling in a LCD display in 2 lines until the next message is entered or cancelled.

9) Wireless networking of dedicated computers: A pair of 2.4Ghz transreceiver modules used for bidirectional communication of data from one PC to another wirelessly.

10) MULTIPLE SENSOR DATA ACQUISITION: Different type of data acquisition and display on a LCD ,such as voltage, current, temperature, light intensity etc are monitored by a PIC microcontroller having built in multi channel ADC.

11) RAILWAY TRACK SECURITY SYSTEM: The system detects for breakage /crack in railway tracks using line loop current break to sense the same to send interrupt to the controller to send an SMS to the station master through GSM.

12) STAMP VALUE CALCULATOR FOR POST OFFICE: Calculating the weight of the letters & value by a balancing arrangement is used to control a potentiometer the output of which is fed to an ADC interfaced to microcontroller having a display.

13) CAN based security system: Message based monitoring tool using the RS232 Rx Tx features of the MC to communicate between 3 Microcontrollers, one for input, one for display and the other for some load in semi CAN protocol.

14) Flash Flood intimation over GSM network to the station master: High water level detector interfaced to micro controller that outputs a signal to a GSM modem for sending a signal to the station master to direct the train driver to stop the train.

15) WIRELESS ELECTRONIC NOTICE BOARD: The microcontroller receives the message from transmitter through GSM interface to be displayed on the LCD at user end interfaced to the microcontroller.

16) Theft intimation of the vehicle over SMS to owner who can stop the engine remotely: Theft intimation of the vehicle over sms using GSM modem to the owner while unauthorized door entry is made. Owner can send command through his mobile to stop the engine by activating the relay interfaced to a microcontroller along with the GSM modem used for the purpose.

17) RFID tag based attendance system: RFID tag with details of the employee keep tracking of their attendance while swiped on the RFID reader interfaced to a microcontroller with LCD display for indication.

18) RFID security access control system: RFID tag reader to read the data present on the tag to compare the same to match the built in data for status display and indication with a lamp.

19) Precise kilometer calculation by underground cable fault detector: Feeding a voltage through a fixed set of resistors representing distance in kilometers and resulting varying current fed to a ADC interfaced to a micro controller outputs the display in kilometers based on current flow at specific fault created by a set of switches for testing purposes.

20) A LOW COST LONG RANGE FM TRANSMITTER WITH AUDIO MODULATION: A low cost FM transmitter with audio modulation consisting of 106 MHz oscillator circuit, VFO and RF power amplifier connected to a tuned Yagi antenna to cover about 5 km line of site distance or 1Km by GP antenna.

21) GSM BASED ENERGY METER BILLING WITH LOAD CONTROL: The project is to develop a wireless energy meter reading and load control. The reading of the energy meter is also sent by to any cell phone by a message through GSM modem which also receives commands from the cell phone to control the electrical loads.

22) Automatic locking system in case of burglary with intimation to police station: GSM modem interfaced microcontroller based automatic door locking incase of forced action with SMS to the designated police station number.

23) SMS based intimation and calling over GSM network for emergency assistance: GSM modem interfaced microcontroller based automatic message display incase of forced action with SMS to the designated emergency number.

24) RFID guided automatic parking permission for vehicles in cellar at commercial complexes: RFID tag swiped by the driver over the RFID reader, enables a motor interfaced through relay being driven by the microcontroller to open the gate for vehicle entry.

25) GSM based supervisory control and status acquisition of industrial loads: Mobile message sent to another sim loaded GSM modem interfaced to microcontroller to drive relays to control the home appliances with a confirmation upon the status of the load.

26) RFID based passport details: Identifying the passport holder through data stored in RFID tag by retrieving the same through a reader duly interfaced to the microcontroller by a LCD display.

27) Password based secured area entry with wrong attempt alarm: Password stored in dedicated EEPROM with I2C protocol by user entry keypad is used to lock or unlock the door, by a motor and an alarm is sounded in case of wrong password attempt.

28) PC based wireless notice board: Text message from a computer keyboard attached to a microcontroller is encrypted with LCD display to have decrypted message at receiver end all controlled by RF communication.

29) SPEED CHECKER TO DETECT RASH DRIVING ON HIGHWAYS:The time difference between 2 spots with ,one in advance to the other in the direction of the traffic flow, is fed to a programmed microcontroller to convert the same to the speed of a vehicle and warn if the same exceeds a specified limit by a buzzer sound.

30) 2 PHASE BLDC MOTOR SPEED CONTROL USING FUZZY LOGIC CONTROL: The Project consists of an input stage, a microcontroller processing stage, and an output stage. The input stage maps sensor to the appropriate membership functions and truth values, processing stage invokes them and the output stage results back into specific control output value.

31) A PLD, (PROGRAMMABLE LOGIC DEVICE) BASED BLDC MOTOR OPERATION: The project uses a microcontroller and a EEPROM to store the logic configuration for operation of the motor which is driven by a motor driver IC. The input is set by a set of switches with display.

32) Transformer temperature monitoring by wireless to control room: Temperature rise of distribution transformer sent over RF on real time
basis to the control room for appropriate action.

33) Smart card based door security system: Security area authenticated entry system by individual smart card identification and reading system.

34) Cell phone/landline operated alarm system for help in case of emergency: Cell phone controlled microcontroller based assistance system for multiple needs.

35) WIRELESS AUDIO TRANSMITTER FOR TV: The audio output of the TV is fed to an FM transmitter that transmits the audio to be received by any FM receiver (or a cell phone having FM radio).It can be used to listen to TV sound without disturbing any one else.

36) HOME AUTOMATION USING DIGITAL CONTROL: A circuit interfaced to a land line telephone is used to control ON OFF of home / office load remotely using DTMF technology but without using any microcontroller or any program.

37) RF based home Automation system: Using RF technology several loads in home or office to be controlled for optimum use of energy remotely.

38) Vehicle theft intimation to the owner on his cell phone by GSM(Using PIC Microcontroller): Theft intimation of the vehicle over SMS using GSM modem to the owner while unauthorized door entry is made. Owner can send command through mobile to stop the engine whose ignition is disabled through a relay fed from the microcontroller which gets command from the GSM modem.

39) RFID based device control & authentication(Using PIC Microcontroller): RFID card swiped over the card reader by the vehicle driver enables the motor interfaced through the driver IC to the controller to open the gate for vehicle entry .

40) Password protected bank locker system with intimation to the owner through cell phone/landline: User Programmable telephone number storing by keypad entry enabling auto dial to the person concerned in the event of robbery.

41) PC based light intensity control: Serial port controlled PWM based light intensity monitoring system from PC.

42) Integrated energy management system based on GSM protocol and acknowledgement features: An SMS sent through the cell phone to a distant location GSM modem for any load interfaced from a micro controller through relay and relay driver to switch ON and switch OFF the same with acknowledgement sent back to the sender on SMS upon the action taken and the status of the load.

43) Smart phone based touch controlled garage door opening system: Data so generated by any smart cell phone is received by a decoder IC interfaced to a microcontroller that outputs a relay for door open/lock operation.

44) Large digit display of dialed telephone numbers for STD billing centers: Dialed telephone numbers are picked up by a DTMF decoder to feed to a microcontroller to drive ten numbers seven segment LED displays for better visibility.

45) Automatic Dialing to any telephone using I2C protocol on detecting burglary: User Programmable telephone number storing by key pad entry enabling auto dial to the police station or the person concerned in the event of robbery.

46) User programmable password based hotel room door lock: The microcontroller based Door locker is an access control system that allows only authorized persons to access a restricted area. The password is stored in another dedicated EEPROM which can be changed at any time unlike a fixed one burnt permanently on to the microcontroller.

47) Portable Programmable Medication Reminder: The project takes care of reminder need of people who forget to take medicines in time. Key pad entry stores the relevant information in an EEPROM with several timings based on a RTC. At the programmed time the message for the medicine is displayed over a 16 digit LCD display together with a buzzer sound to alert the person for taking the appropriate medicine.

48) Tampered energy meter monitoring conveyed to control room by wireless communication: The main scope of this project is to send message from any tampered energy meter to be received by the control room by means of GSM communication. A message is sent to the number stored in microcontroller to alert the tampering of the meter.

49) Military use coded communication system with LCD display: The aim of the project is to send encrypted text message transmitted through RF by using Microcontroller and received at receiver which is decrypted by another Micro Controller where message is displayed over the LCD display. Transmitter gets data from a standard computer keyboard and encrypts with a private algorithm. At receiver end the Microcontroller decrypts it with the same algorithm and displays the data on LCD.

50) PC managed, advanced home automation system: External electrical load applications controlled with the help of PC. PC is connected to microcontroller through MAX 232 level shifter, ULN (Driver) is used to drive the relays for connecting to external devices. DB (RS-232) connector is used to connect to PC com port.

51) Authorized operator to access the machine by Smart card: The project is developed to identify authorized personnel with ID cards , where a module is provided to read the ID number from card. Whenever card ID number in the card is matched with the inbuilt ID number in the code then LCD display would indicate that the card being accepted with a relay used to actuate the load.

52) Automatic Wireless health monitoring system in hospitals for patients: Monitoring patient health remotely in hospitals over wireless from the patient bed to the doctor’s chamber by RF with LCD display at both ends and optionally an alarm on critical situation.

53) Four telephones in parallel but still accessed by only one user at a time to maintain secrecy: This Project can be used in houses and offices in which more than one telephone is connected in parallel from a single telephone line. The project is used to connect a maximum of four telephones in parallel. When any one of the phone is lifted, all the other lines are disconnected from the telephone line.

54) MODERN VEHICLE SYSTEM MANAGEMENT in semi CAN, Control Area Network. Three microcontrollers communicating with each other over pair of wire: As the number of microcontrollers embedded in a product increases the solution for communication among them is preferred serially. The paper describes a message based monitoring tool using the RS232 Rx Tx bus features of the MC to communicate between 3 MCs.

55) Using TV remote as a cordless mouse for the Computer: A typical TV remote sends coded infrared data that is read by a sensor which is then burnt to a microcontroller the output of which shall drive desired operation through serial port connection as conventionally performed by the PC Mouse.

56) Human sensed automatic door opening system: Automatic door opening by sensing any approaching human being by piro IR sensors interfaced to a programmed microcontroller that drives a motor through motor driver IC with locked rotor protection system for door operation.

57) Railway level crossing gate control through SMS by the station master or the driver: Railway level crossing gate motor ,controlled by the station master or the engine driver through GSM modem interfaced to microcontroller for deriving an output to dive a relay for the gate motor operation.

58) GSM based monthly Electricity energy meter billing with SMS and display to the user: Domestic electricity consumed is displayed in rupee terms on daily and monthly basics to the user and billing details sent over GSM network form the user to the department for generating the printed bill..

59) DTMF based remote industrial load and/or agricultural pump control: The main scope of this project is to send digit commands from one cell phone to be received by another cell phone to receive the tone mode commands which are then DTMF (Dual Tone Multi Frequency) decoded. The receiving cell phone codes are then fed to a microcontroller which is programmed to recognize those codes for operating any kind of load duly interfaced through relay drivers and relays (or motor driver and motor) as per the sent command from sender’s mobile.

60) Automatic surveillance camera panning system from PC: Using pulse width varying technology so generated by the PC with RS 232 interface through a Microcontroller enables the speed control of motor from the PC by a motor driver IC controlled from the microcontroller.

61) Cell phone /landline based circuit breaker: Remote controlled, password based circuit breaker for industrial load protection.

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