Friday, December 30, 2011

Projects for Electrical Branch

Machines/Transmission Lines/PLC/HV projects

  1. SVPWM Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation: Generating 3 Phase from single phase using 6 nos MOSFETs / IGBTs in 3 phase bridge connected inverter being fed from a DC BUS after being full wave rectified from a single phase 230 v ,50 Hz source. Cost includes a 1HP 3phase motor.
  2. FACTS by SVC ,Flexible AC transmission System: Static VAR Compensation under FACTS using TSC, Thyristor switched capacitors based on shunt compensation duly controlled from a programmed microcontroller.
  3. WIRELESS POWER TRANSFER: The project is to develop a system of wireless power transfer for pace makers battery charging (An electronic device implanted in body that works in place of a defective heart valve) .Otherwise the patient is required to be operated every year to replace the battery.
  4. PHASE SEQUENCE CHECKER FOR THREE PHASE SUPPLY: 3-ph supply of 440V AC 50Hz is fed to a logic circuit comprising of NAND gates and OR gates to detect the sequence of R Y B by triggering a timer for a LED to indicate output phase out of sequence .
  5. Sine Pulse Width Modulation (SPWM): Adaptive sine weighted pulse width modulated, 50Hz three phase AC from single phase AC. Cost includes a 1HP 3phase motor.
  6. Four quadrant DC motor speed control with microcontroller: Forward/Reverse rotation and instantaneous Forward Brake and Reverse Brake of DC motor under four quadrant operation.
  7. UPFC Unified Power Factor Control: Compensation of power factor achieved both for inductive and capacitive circuits automatically from a programmed microcontroller.
  8. High Voltage DC by Marx Generator Principles: A number of capacitors are charged in parallel by pulsed voltage to V with 50% or less duty cycle from a DC source. The capacitors are automatically then placed in series such that all the V gets added to deliver higher voltage.
  9. Propeller display: Indication of name/time etc using a set of LEDs rotating at high speed to give a virtual display being wirelessly powered.
  10. Four quadrant DC motor speed control without microcontroller:Forward/Reverse rotation and instantaneous Forward Brake and Reverse Brake under four quadrant operation using timer controlled, H bridge fed DC motor.
  11. Induction heating by high frequency power ouput: 25 KHz power generation for a very low impedance coil to work as instant induction heating for medical sterilization applications.
  12. Three phase fault analysis with auto reset on temporary fault and permanent trip otherwise: Six numbers of step down transformers used for forming one star and another delta at the output with a set of switches to input LL, LG, 3L fault that triggers a 555 timer in monostable to reset or permanently trip the output relay connected to another 555 timer in astable.
  13. Industrial furnace power control by Integral cycle switching without generating harmonics: Integral cycle control is a method to remove portions of full cycles/one cycle of an AC signal for controlling AC power across AC heater loads interfaced to a programmed microcontroller. This process of power control generates 1% THD as against 61% of firing angle control.
  14. Precise kilometer calculation by underground cable fault detector: Feeding a voltage through a fixed set of resistors representing distance in kilometers and resulting varying current fed to a ADC interfaced to a microcontroller outputs the display in kilometers based on current flow at specific fault created by a set of switches for testing purposes.
  15. Electronic starter with Soft start for smooth operation of 3 phase induction motor: 6nos. of SCRs i.e., two in anti parallel in each phase are phase controlled in a similar manner to a light dimmer, where they are gradually turned ON for a part of each cycle to control the voltage by varying the conduction angle of the SCR. By variation of the conduction angle, the output voltage is reduced during start and then smoothly increased to full. Cost includes a 1HP 3 phase motor.
  16. FUZZY LOGIC CONTROL for a brushless DC motor to run at the exactly entered speed: Precise speed entered through a numeric keypad interfaced to a microcontroller maintains the entered speed of a BLDC motor by sensing shaft mounted IR sensors working on a closed loop circuit by a half bridge AC to DC circuit comprising 2 SCRs and 2 Diodes .
  17. Detecting power grid synchronization failure on sensing out of range frequency or voltage: Microcontroller based islanding detection for grid connected inverter with under/over voltage and under/over frequency islanding detection algorithms ,where the processed value of voltage and frequency are used for turning ON/OFF the relay between a grid connected inverter and the utility grid.
  18. Low cost Programmable logic control ( PLC) for industrial automation in repetitive nature of work: Objective is designing a microcontroller based programmable time setting by the user through microcontroller architecture loaded with an application program. Switches are provided for set mode, auto mode , manual mode and time change mode. Machine will run ON/OFF sequentially in auto mode in default time settings or set mode time setting or manual mode depending on the user’s need and flexibility.
  19. Ultra fast acting electronic circuit breaker: The project is to shut down the power supply when it is overload. Conventional circuit breaker is based on thermal bimetal lever trip mechanism is very slow and the trip time is dependant upon the percentage of overload. Here the current sensed from a CT is compared against the preset voltage proportional to the current by a level comparator to generate an output for the contactor to trip the load.
  20. PROGRAMABLE ENERGY AUDITTING EQIPMENT FOR INDUSTRY FOR INSTANEOUS ELECTRICAL LOAD SURVEY: Auto calculation of energy details in a minute ,to indicate the load consumption in units and cost in rupees while the load is assumed to run for specific number of hours, with displays on a 16X2 LCD duly interfaced with the microcontroller.
  21. MINIMISING PENALITY IN INDUSTRIAL POWER CONSUMPTION BY ENGAGING APFC UNIT: Automatic Power Factor Compensation (APFC) by engaging number of shunt capacitor for inductive loads. The time lag between the zero voltage and zero current are fed to the microcontroller that drives relays at its output for bringing shunt capacitors into the load circuit to get the power factor till it reaches 0.9.
  22. Power saver for industries & commercial establishments:A smart method of lagging current compensation by engaging shunt capacitors automatically as per the requirement.
  23. Lagging and leading power factor display in industrial environment: Display of lagging and leading power factor by measuring the time difference between voltage and the current in AC circuits.
  24. High voltage dc upto 3kv from AC by using diode and capacitors in ladder network: 1000 PIV diodes in combination with 100uF electrolytic capacitors forming a ladder network multiplies the input AC to develop 12 times approximately DC output.
  25. AUTO SELECTION OF ANY AVAILABLE PHASE, IN 3 PHASE SUPPLY SYSTEM: The project is to provide ac mains supply 230 volt to the single phase load if any of the phases, out of the 3 phases in a house goes missing.
  26. 2 PHASE BLDC MOTOR SPEED CONTROL USING FUZZY LOGIC CONTROL : The Project consists of an input stage, a microcontroller processing stage, and an output stage. The input stage maps sensor to the appropriate membership functions and truth values, processing stage invokes them and the output stage results back into specific control output value.
  27. A PLD, (PROGRAMMABLE LOGIC DEVICE) BASED BLDC MOTOR OPERATION: The project uses a microcontroller and a EEPROM to store the logic configuration for operation of the motor which is driven by a motor driver IC. The input is set by a set of switches with display.
  28. Automatic Star Delta starter using relays and adjustable electronic timer for induction motor: Star/Delta starters are probably the most common reduced voltage starters in the 50Hz industrial motor world. This project can operate a 3 phase motor at 440 volt AC mains supply 50 Hz with a set of 12 volt DC relays, an electronically adjustable timer and a set of relays, but supplied with six lamps instead of a 3 phase motor.
  29. Bidirectional rotation of an exhaust fan motor with a remote control device: The controller receives the Infrared Signal from the IR remote, the code of which is identified by the receiver that switches on/off the appropriate relay for a split phase induction motor to achieve desired direction, remotely.
  30. Password based circuit breaker control to ensure electric line man's safety: Microcontroller based mains circuit breaker ON/OFF arrangement by password controlled such that unauthorized person can never accidentally switch ON the power system for Line man's safety.
  31. Three step high performance induction motor speed control by Cyclo converter using thyristors: The induction motor is a constant-speed machine. The difficulty of varying its speed economically constitutes one of its main disadvantages which is overcome by using a thyristor controlled cycloconverter that enables the speed to be lowered in steps by Microcontroller triggering a SCR bank of 8nos duly isolated by opto isolators for a F/2 & F/3 achieved by appropriate program. F stands for frequency. Cost of motor included.
  32. Single phase induction motor soft start by stepped delay of reducing firing angle: Charge and discharge of a capacitor at the switch on time and generating a saw tooth voltage is then compared by a comparator to reduce the firing angle from 180 degree to 0 degree progressively to achieve soft start of a induction motor supplied.
  33. Overhead Projector lamp life extender by ZVS (Zero Voltage Switching): Incandescent lamps exhibit very low resistance in cold condition due to which it draws high current while switched on, resulting in fast failure . Engaging two SCRs in anti parallel or a triac the switching on time can be precisely controlled by firing after detecting the zero cross point of the waveform.
  34. Pump motor/lift motor burn out protection: Protecting a 3 phase induction motor from single phasing, and over temperature using sensors interfaced to comparators for disconnecting the motor. Supplied with lamps in place of 3 phase motor.
  35. 300 WATT DOMESTIC USE PWM INVERTER CUM BATTERY CHARGER: PWM technology using Signet SG 3524 for switching from 12 volt battery through a half bridge MOSFET power devices connected to the main inverting transformer that delivers automatically 300 watt 50 Hz power during mains fail and then auto battery charging on mains resume.
  36. Pure Sine Wave UPS using microcontroller to develop adaptive PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) under DSP: Using DSP based program using microcontroller for generating sine wave by 'H' bridge MOSFET bank for 300 watts output with controlled battery charging and auto change over.
  37. FACTS by TSR, flexible AC transmission System: Static compensation under FACTS using TSR, thyristor switch reactor based on shunt capacitor duly controlled by a microcontroller.
  38. Non contact tachometer: This project uses the IR transmitting and receiving technique by reflection of modulated IR rays from any rotating object such as a motor shaft to send interrupt signal to a programmed microcontroller to enable display of the speed. The display can either be a LCD or simple 7 segment LED type. This becomes a contact less tachometer.
  39. Soft start of 3 phase induction motor by using 2 nos. Back to back scrs in each phase(using lamps only): Understanding soft start of IM by watching the lamps connected in place of the 3 phase motor from low voltage low intensity to full voltage full intensity at the time of start.
  40. Password based jail chamber gate operation by motor: Numeric keypad interfaced microcontroller to sense exact password for door opening and closing in high security area.
  41. TV remote operated curtain closer/opener: Synchronous motor operated either direction movement of curtains remotely by standard TV remotes in commercial complexes.
  42. Life cycle testing of electrical loads by down counter: A preset able counter with key pad entry that counts down from the set number till it reaches zero with relay operation connected to a load that switches ON & OFF is used for life cycle test of the gadget under test say a lamp to determine its life.
  43. Industrial battery charger with high power DC by thyristor firing angle control: DC power is controlled with zero crossing detectors and sending to the microcontroller to fire thyristors using the opto isolator. The ac power is applied to the bridge rectifier comprising of diodes ,triacs and SCRs to get manually controlled DC at the output.
  44. Super fast solid state relay switching on time analysis on CRO: A three phase solid state relay that incorporates three single phase units where each phase is controlled individually by a power triac with optional snubber network and an optically isolated triac driver. The zero crossing feature of an opto-isolator ensures lower generated noise and avoid sudden inrush currents of load.
  45. A low cost microcontroller based system high performance AC motor drives: Based on the principle of firing angle control of two thyristors connected in anti parallel is fed for the output to the control circuit. The firing angle would be manually adjusted to maintain the load power in the event of fluctuating AC voltage from high to low and vice versa.
  46. High power AC lamp flasher for aviation obstruction indication purpose: Aviation obstruction lamp flasher from AC source to warn air crafts for possible crash.
  47. Mixer grinder speed control by using a TV remote: Using a standard TV remote with IR sensors interfaced to a micro controller , reads the coded data from the remote to activate the corresponding output pin to change the time delay for the thyristor firing in 8 steps that drives with varying speed the induction motor.
  48. Auto power supply control from 4 different sources: Solar, Mains, Generator & Inverter to ensure no break power: The main scope of the project is to consume the power from supply mains, generator, and wind power and solar optimally by using appropriate program through microcontroller in most cost effective way.
  49. Control unit designed for a DC motor: The speed of motor is directly proportional to the DC voltage applied across its terminals where the voltage is applied to control motor speed with Pulse Width Modulation wave. Here based on the pulse duty cycle provided by microcontroller the speed of motor is controlled.
  50. DISH POSITIONING CONTROL BY STEPPER MOTOR /GEARED MOTOR: Programmed microcontroller to enable 180 degree 3D movement of the dish by using a motor for adjustment of the best signal to be received from the satellite.
  51. MAINS OPERATED LED LIGHT IN STRING: A string of LED’s are made to operate at 230V AC by series capacitor drop and current limit resistor and then being rectified to DC for maintaining a safe operating voltage for the LEDs.
  52. Automobile head light lamp intensity dimmer to control glare: 12 volt, 10 watt automobile lamp dimmer by varying pulse width signal.
  53. Auto selection of Fan available from multiple supply sources: Un-interrupted supply to critical cooling fans from any available supply source.
  54. Random on/off of lamps to deter burglars for locked houses: Automatic switching On/Off of lamps at random intervals in locked house to deter burglar attempt
  55. Display turn table speed control for shops: Low speed synchronous AC motor with programmed speed control in four steps using microcontroller and thyristor.
  56. Automatic surveillance camera panning system from PC: Using pulse width varying technology so generated by the PC with RS 232 interface through a Micro controller enables the speed control of motor from the PC by a motor driver IC controlled from the microcontroller.

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