Friday, December 30, 2011

Live Projects for Industrial Application

1) Remote speed control by Thyristor trigger angle change with display of delayed firing angle: Using a standard TV remote with IR sensors interfaced to a micro controller, reads the coded data from the remote to activate the corresponding output pin to change the time delay for the thyristor firing in 8 steps that drives with varying speed the induction motor.

2) Ultra fast acting electronic circuit breaker: The project is to shut down the power supply when it is overloaded. Conventional circuit breaker is based on thermal bimetal lever trip mechanism is very slow and the trip time is dependent upon the percentage of overload. Here the current sensed from a CT is compared against the preset voltage proportional to the current by a level comparator to generate an output for the contactor to the trip load.

3) Automatic irrigation system on sensing soil moisture content: The circuit comprises of sensor parts built using op-amp and are configured here as a comparator. two stiff copper wires are inserted in the soil to sense whether it is dry. The micro controller turns the motor ON and OFF based on sensors condition that is dry or wet respectively. Sensor signals are operated with the control of software that is stored in ROM of MC.

4) Automatic Wireless health monitoring system in hospitals for patients: Monitoring patient health remotely in hospitals over wireless from the patient bed to the doctor’s chamber by RF with LCD display at both ends and optionally an alarm on critical situation.

5) Precise temperature control for incubators used in hospitals for the pre born child growth: Micro controller observes temperature readings taken from display unit and compares with the keypad programmed temperature value to control the heater (ON/OFF). Here the controller continuously polls the temperature with certain regular time intervals and displays over the 7_segment display unit for the Micro controller to enable the whole operation by executing the program.

6) Office automation system for optimum energy management: This application keeps the database of the number of persons entering as well as exiting. LED's being interrupted on to the IR receiver to sense the person entering as well as exiting. This signal is fed to AT89C51 micro controller for load control purpose with LCD displays on the number of persons in and out with optimum energy use.

7) Authorized operator to access the machine by Smart card: The project is developed to identify authorized personnel with ID cards , where a module is provided to read the ID number from card. Whenever card ID number in the card is matched with the inbuilt ID number in the code then LCD display would indicate that the card being accepted with a relay used to actuate the load.

8) PC managed, advanced home automation system: External electrical load applications controlled with the help of PC. PC is connected to micro controller through MAX 232 level shifter, ULN (Driver) is used to drive the relays for connecting to external devices. DB (RS-232) connector is used to connect to PC com port.

9) Military use coded communication system with LCD display: The aim of the project is to send encrypted text message transmitted through RF by using Micro controller and received at receiver which is decrypted by another Micro Controller where message is displayed over the LCD display. Transmitter gets data from a standard computer keyboard and encrypts with a private algorithm. At receiver end the Micro controller decrypts it with the same algorithm and displays the data on LCD.

10) Bomb-diffusing Robot by RF controlled, laser beam managed hand held unit: In this RF remote control is used to control a robot. A laser beam is actuated after the robot reaches the suspected site on to the object to diffuse the bomb, remotely.

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