Tuesday, January 29, 2013

ASK Transmitter and Receiver Module

Since ASK (Amplitude Shift Keying) Technology is a kind of Wireless Communication from Transmitter to Receiver end, as you all know this type of Technology is suitable for One way Transmission i.e, Half Duplex Communication.
                         Here we use ASK Rx and Tx Modules of 434 MHz which is suitable for 20 meters of distance. As you all know for long range wireless transmission we require Carrier Signal for effective transmission of Information Bits.

Thus the function of these ASK Modules is to provide Carrier Signal to our Data Signal which is 30KHz, thus the distortions are undertook under 434MHz and Data (30KHz) Signal remains safe or Un-Disturbed.
Here in this technology we use Decoder and Encoder, which is used to decode and encode the data signals, as 4 Bit Data is Converted into 1 Bit Data and Vice Versa.

In Electronics Market both 4 Bit and 8 Bit Encoder and Decoder are Available, Namely
HT12D (4 Bit Decoder IC) (HT- HolTek, 12- 8 Bit Address 4 Bit Data, D- Decoder)
HT12E (4 Bit Encoder IC) (HT- HolTek, 12- 8 Bit Address 4 Bit Data, E- Encoder)
HT640 (8 Bit Encoder IC)
HT648 (8 Bit Decoder IC)

                                       ASK Receiver using HT12D with use of Microcontroller

                                                   ASK 4 Bit Transmitter using HT12E

Applications: -

 1) Home Automation
 2) Wireless Robot
 3) Industrial Purpose

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