Friday, May 25, 2012

Audio and Video Capturing Robot using RF Communication

In our project keypad is interfaced with RF Transmitter through RF Encoder, so if we press any of the key from forward, backward, right and left, then after pressing any it will generate a signal Which is of 4 bit corresponding to four keys, because firstly we are providing high logic which means 1 and in electronics it means we are providing 5 volt supply to each of the keys, and another pin of keypad is connected is connected to ground so by pressing any key we provide logic 0 means ground. Thus one bit of data has been changed and remaining 3 data remains unchanged, means if we press forward key then we are sending signal 0111 which is of four bit. Now this 4 bit data is converted to 1 bit by RF Encoder (HT12E) which is then transmitted to receiving end via RF Transmitter. Then particular 1 bit data is received at receiving end through RF Receiver, which is then provided to RF Decoder whose work is to decode the data which is being transmitted from transmitter end or through the keypad. Thus 1 bit data is received which is then converted to 4 bit Through RF decoder (HT12D) which is then given to Microcontroller where we programmed our microcontroller, here the 2 motors which are interfaced with microcontroller are moving in either direction through H-Bridge (L293D) which is known as motor driver because this IC is Used to drive 2 dc motors, and another function of this motor driver is to protect our microcontroller from back EMF generated through DC Motor because in this IC Buffer is used which works as feedback diode. Now the motor runs in forward, backward, right and left direction through motors, so by pressing any key the Robot moved in that particular direction. Now for extra features we installed or placed wireless camera over the robot, so the camera captures any audio and video is directly transferred to Television through Camera receiver and TV Tuner. Thus we can easily capture anything through our Project without going anywhere. This wireless robot with camera is very much effective in Warfield zone as we can capture audio and video as well as in night also by attaching Night Vision Camera. There are several Applications of this Robot.

PCB of Basic AVR ckt: -

Schematic Diagram of Basic AVR: -

Schematic Diagram of RF Transmitter: -

PCB Layout of RF Transmitter: -

Schematic Diagram of RF Receiver: -

PCB Layout RF Receiver: -

Program with PPT of this Project can be downloaded through below given link

To download Project report click the link given below

To download the video related to project click the link given below

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